Re: stepped leaders

Hi all,
        Skip wrote....

> I would like to ask for some suggestions as to how to test several of
> the proposed hypotheses. I for one would be happy within my abilities
> and means to run some tests which would elucidate an answer. 
> I already have, as I am sure others have, taken pictures pictures of the
> zigzag phenom at one to 15 second exposure times  which has been
> discussed. I will be attempting to take pictures at 1/1000 second with
> some very fast film to see if anything jumps out.
> If YOU have a suggestion to better define whats going on, please put it
> on the list and let's see if we can settle this.

I wasn't going to say anything until I'd done something (this time), 
but your idea of fast film and fast timed shutters was going to be a 
major part of my plan. The other bit was to mount the camera on a
rapidly rotating disk, make some kind of battery operated shutter
mechanism to revolve with the camera, and time shutter operation using 
a hall effect device or some such on the periphery of the disk. I 
gather you have a few rotary disks around. Would this be feasible?