Tesla Photo Anomaly

Hi all,

My friend stopped by a used book store and picked up a book
called 'Einstein - His Life and Times' by Phillp Frank; reprinted
in 1967. He showed me something fascinating with a photo I
want to share with the group. He found a picture in the book
of Albert Einstein and Charles Steinmetz which appears to be
identical to a picture in Margaret Cheney's book 'Tesla: Man
out of time'. BUT! the picture in Margaret's book seems to
have Tesla (and someone elso barely visible) put in somehow
maybe? I don't know but it is spooky. I am not real hip on
how to post images to the group so I scanned both pictures
and put them on my web page under 'Tesla Photo Anomaly'.
This is worth looking at!


Take care,
Bob Schumann
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