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> Hi All
> I must say that this has been one of the most interesting discussions I
> have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. It has not really offered a
> satisfying answer to the initial question...How does the spark grow.

> I would like to ask for some suggestions as to how to test several of
> the proposed hypotheses. I for one would be happy within my abilities
> and means to run some tests which would elucidate an answer.

To test my proposed ion hypothesis, run the coil in a vacuum.  (nothing 
to ionize!)  I am positive the spark length of all coils would drop by 
80-90%.  This experiment can't be done on a large scale, but seems an 
obvious and conclusive test to anyone who has studied electrical 
R. Hull

> I already have, as I am sure others have, taken pictures pictures of the
> zigzag phenom at one to 15 second exposure times  which has been
> discussed. I will be attempting to take pictures at 1/1000 second with
> some very fast film to see if anything jumps out.

Be prepared for no sparks being recorded at 1/1000 second!  With 360 
breaks per second, the chances of obtaining any sort of image is only 1 
in 3.  Still those images which are captured might prove very 
interesting.  Problem- On an image, what period of the discharge are we 
observing? Without some sort of sync in the exposure, tied to the gap or 
discharge phenomena, we would still be quessing at what is going on.

> If YOU have a suggestion to better define whats going on, please put it
> on the list and let's see if we can settle this.
> Skip