Re: Primary tubing

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> Subject: Primary tubing
> Hi All,
> I was pondering on the building of my new primary coil that is being made out
> of 1" dia soft copper tubing. I thought I could save space by flattening the
> tubing first, possibly using 2 rollers and a crank of some sort.
> Does anyone see a problem with this idea, before I flatten my Cu investment?
> Kevin M. Conkey


It is okay to do this and wind up with an oblate shaped primary winding, 
but the sharper radius of curvature sort of defeats some of the reason 
for using the 1" pipe.  Also, wind your primary and then flaten the pipe 
or you'll never bend it into a circle again.  Round pipe bends 
rather uniformly- oblate does not!  It you truly squash it flat, it will 
never bend again!

Bottom line-  If you don't have the space for 1" round tubing, don't use 
it.  Keep all pipe primaries "round".  If you need more surface area, use 
banded material (flatened already).

Richard Hull, TCBOR