Re: toroid parts...

Hi All -

Has anyone tried to test these duct toroids for capacitance to compare 
with spun aluminum toroids? They appear to have very low capacitance.

John C.

My vast electronic experience says "how can that possibly be true?"*
I always heard that capacitance is a function of surface area, not 
necessarily material.  Perhaps what you are thinking of is that the duct 
toroids aren't as smooth, and thus would dissipate their charge much 
faster than a smoother spun toroid.

I also had the idea that a duct toroid is "virtually" smooth because the 
size of the defects (ridges) are much smaller than the wavelength at that 
frequency.  At least that's my understanding from what light does.
(Someone Pleeease correct me if I'm all wet here)


*I had enough college physics to realize that it wasn't the major for me.
 Now if I can't fix it by cycling the power, I'm almost stumped :-)