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>> We are almost ready for testing using a Tesla coil to generate ELF
>> pulses and I beleive this may get interesting. Time will tell. 
>  How would you go about designing a coil in the ELF range.  It seems to 
>me that it would require extremely large values for the primary cap and 
>coil.  I also plan on exploring the lower frequencies via the Tesla 
>coil.  I have read that most living things and the earth itself resonate 
>at frequencies less than 20 hz.
>0-> Chris <-0

Hello Chris:

I was wondering when someone was going to ask that question. You are
absolutely correct. It would indeed be beyond known capabilities to
construct a Tesla coil with a resonant frequency in the ELF range.

However, you can take for instance a 100khz coil, fire it up and
rectify the high voltage then discharge the HV DC to ground or a
ground array at specified low frequency pulses and possibly excite
a traveling wave at the frequency you desire.

There is currently some research in this area on the possible ways
to rectify the high voltage. I am presently leaning towards a method
of charging an elevated sphere with a type of field emission. The
method does look very promising.

Good luck with your research and be careful. 

Elfrad Group