Re: Tesla Post

> The first balloon 
>was orange, color not of much interest at this point.
>The neck of the balloon was still very thick
>rubber and I decided to do the 'nail in the balloon
>trick', not to pop it. 

I tried this with a transparent (gum rubber?) balloon. I had it filled
with helium. I thought that I would create a neon light (ref: Ed
harris' STP argon light experiment) What can I say, great idea, bad
implementation. The (full) balloon popped the instant sparks broke
out. I'd optimized for volume, not balloon life.

> I ended up with 5 balloons that all
>rolled with the eccentric property. Then I noticed the next
>strange effect of which I find fascinating. I held one of
>the balloons up to a light and saw a record or picture of
>the streamers that were there! Because I had not blown
>the balloon up to normal size, the color of the balloons was
>not transparent but translucent. I got a 15'' balloon (large)
>that was transparent. I blew it up partway and indeed could
>see through it. I placed it on the nail but this time put the
>nail on the bottom of the torroid pointing down as to center
>the nail in the balloon. I ran the coil for less time, say 3 -4
>seconds and removed the balloon. The image was 
>beautiful. It sort of reminded me of a Richard Hull video
>in which a spark image was captured in a lucite rod.
I'll have to try this as soon as I get my cap build, also buy RH's
videos. and RQ's and ....