Re: Cap Size/toroid design

Here's another design that might be good (I've built it, but haven't 
tested it on a coil yet) I've made a 20x5 toroid this way. 
Get a sheet of that blue insulation, it's about an inch thich in sheets 
9x3feet as i recall (about 10$) cut out enough donuts so they will
stack to the right size (in my case, i needed 5 20inch OD, 10inch ID ones)
use wood glue to stick them all together. Once they are dry, use
a nice sharp knife and carve till you have a nice toroid. It's easier
to keep it circular if you cut yourself a guide like this:
|   __       __   |
|  /  \     /  \  |
|__|  |_____|  |__|
which you can revolve around to make sure your circular.
You can even sand the stuff, might be a good idea to use a mask though.
Once your satisfied you have the right shape, cover it with the same tape

Has anyone tried doing this ? The only concern I have about it is
that the foam could melt/burn if there was a lot of arking (which is a GOOD 

I haven't tried it out yet because I still need a bigger primary
and more capitance to reasonate my coil, even before I put the
terminal on it.. 


>        Hi, I would like to make a sugestion on your toroid. Get some 4 inch
>dryer duct (3 inch if your secondary is 4 inches or smaller)and make up one
>with aluminum tape, experiment with the diameter. I think you will find that
>it will improve your performance. My dad tried the salad bowl and could not
>get it to work very well, we also have several nice stainless balls ranging
>in size from about 8 inches to 15 inches and they do not work as well as the
>dryer duct toriod. I think the stainless steel is not as conductive as the
>aluminum(any comments on this from others?) but I dont know for sure. good
>luck let me know how you come out.
>Brad McPeak
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