Whoa! Guys!


I just returned from lunch and in a private email post, one fellow is 
already playing with an electrometer around his coil!  He was very 
puszzled by some of his measurements.  Lotta quite folks out there are 
just listening in on th' cross talk!  How many 'we got' on this list as 
listeners, Chip?!!!

The electrometer is one of the most sensitive electronic measuring 
instruments in the hands of modern man!  You can't use one of these 
things like a VOM!!!  There are numerous gottchas awaiting the casual or 
neophyte user.  Due to its sensitivity, a lot of effects we might nevr 
think of can affect measurments. ( thermal noise, cosmic and natural 
radiation, triboelectric effects, piezeo effects, electrochemical 
effects, EM and elecrostatic effects, ETC.)  For those few who are 
interested, Keithley puts out a nice book entitled "Low Level 
Measurements Handbook".  (Obtained though Keithley at their web site- 
Search on Keithley).  It must be read and thought applied prior using an 
electrometer for effective results or for meaningful measurments.

Richard Hull, TCBOR

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