Second Power Test

Hello Group:
	Last night I had the time to try my second power test with several
changes.  First off I rechecked the resonance on my system.  This turned
out to be a big surprise!  I originally checked my secondary withe the
toroid on it and got 140 Khz while in the basement.  Well, yesterday
morning I got 102 Khz.  Since hindsight is 20-20, I believe I know what
was the cause.  The first time I had not yet used the aluminum tape to
cover/smooth out the 6" aluminum flexible duct used on the perimeter of
the 48" toroid.  Now it is completely covered and while covering it I
also laid in three  spots with fine copper to connect the aluminum duct
to the aluminum foil coated foam center sheet.  Apparently either the
duct wasn't connected to the center sheet or else covering the duct with
the tape made a major difference.  Now I have re-resonanted both primary
and secondary and power tested it.  It brought out the neihbors on both
sides!  I had set up a ground point about 40" from the toroid and it
drew a continuous arc for most of the test.  At the same time there was
a 4 or 5  10-12" streamers coming from the O.D. of the toroid and a
whole bunch of little ones too.  
	Now I am going to go back and again recheck my secondary resonance
since I did it yesterday with the toroid, but sitting by itself in the
middle of my garage floor.  I'll try it again while it is in the middle
of the primary and see what the difference is.  I'm happy to have
finally gotten a start on getting the coil moving towards proper tune. 
Hope I can get some time later this week again, I'll be out of town for
3 days so not much will happen for awhile.  Gee, no smoke yet!

Chuck Curran