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     I am the allworld-dot-net in this forward and not the creator or 
otherwise interested party.  The message is in response to a service 
we run to publicize worthwhile websites.  As a subscriber to the 
Tesla listserver this site looked to me like it might contain 
information and sources of value to the readers of the Tesla list.  
It might also give readers a place to look before asking the list to 
recommend suppliers which might indeed cut traffic and your workload. 

Ross Nickerson

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Its title is: electroBASE

Entry Type: nomsow
http://www.electroBASE-dot-com, electroBASE

This is spectacular resource for electronic component buyers and
engineers.  It is a search engine for finding products, manufacturers,
and distributors for electronic components.  It also provides hot
links to all of their web sites.
    With over 124,000 hits in July they are already getting noticed
by the industry.  How about some recognition and awards.
Lynnwood, WA, USA

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