Re: Safety sheet, ozone

Richard Hull, TCBOR

>Ozone is a lethal and toxic gas.  

It's also a biocide and is useful in water treatment applications.  It is
replacing chlorine which is more toxic than ozone.  When ozone breaks down,
it generates O2 (oxygen) and effectively kills the cell, anyone of them.
And does not produce trihalomethanes (THMs) which are carcinogenic?  (Hope
you are filtering the water, especially chlorinated water).  {If anyone is
interested in its effects, please E-Mail me directly to avoid tying up
Chip's posts.}That's why it is toxic in quantities above the maximum
permissable exposure limit (PEL).  Does anyone know this value?  An Material
Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) will have this information.

The affects are thought to be cumulative!  It is a dangerous carcinogen and
according to a number of chemical references, if you can smell it, it is in
a concentration about 
>100 times the allowable amount.  Thus ozone at the toxic level can't be 
>smelled at all!!  Below 25,000 feet Ozone is listed as a dangerous and 
>toxic pollutant and is so bad, that its level is the only specific gas 
>level normally reported in pollution index figures.  

>Cars crank the stuff out like crazy!

It is from a photochemical reaction with the hydrocarbons that gives us
ozone as a pollutant.  But isn't it amazing that it can be the most common
pollutant from cities, it can't fill up the ozone layer but heavier freons
can?  Sounds like a hoax to me.

>I have been poisoned on two very bad and specific occasions.<SNIP>

When we were playing with my 4 inch coil we ran it so long that we were
literally choking in my basement!  I put a fan in the window and blew out
the ozone out of the basement of my split-level home.  

>When our big 7KW maggey is fired the building is clamped closed against 
>noise to the neighbors and prying eyes

Too bad you don't leave the windows and fans going on, it would be quite a
show.  Fill up the ozone layer.  We should get tax credits for doing such! ;-)

>There are as many a six different nitrogen compounds formed in moist air 
>when a large coil is fired. (that's why it is listed in chemical 
>discussions as "NOx"  All are poisonous and toxic!  Watch out!  Right 
>after electrocution this is coiling's #1 hazard!  

Tesla had an idea to do a NOx generator to produce fertilizers eventually,
didn't he?  Wasn't that in some of his patent info?

*** Magic Bill ***