Coil Form Losses

When losses are due to the thickness of a form does the form actually absorb
the power , like wicking up the RF and causing less output and shorter arcs?
So the thinner the form the less absorbtion, or a different material such as
plexiglass has less afinity for penetration of RF?  I wound a beautiful coil
on sch 40 pvc. 28 inches of # 22 and probably have 20 coats of varithane on
it but somehow, by being in a hurry ,HEH HEH, I didnt prep it and now im
afraid its just not going to work. Should I just trash it and start over?
Also does anyone know of available plans for a rotary gap construction? AND,
what are you fellows using, You speak of tungsten for gap electrodes, is it
nuts, cap nuts, a reshaped ease out or what?   Thanks , Steve.