Re: earth resonance

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>Tesla never produced any ULF at earth resonant frequencies in Colorado!
>	(Lowest frequency he used at power was about 50Khz)
>This was a hypothesis he formed after receiving returns from advancing 
>and receding thunderstorms.  He hit the nail on the head about the 
>frequency, though.
>R. Hull, TCBOR

>> [ If someone could clear up the question of earth resonance (how it was
>>   produced), I would appreciate it.  It would help me resolve the
>>   question of whether it is tesla coil related or not. -- Chip ]
>Chip,  Earth resonance has to do with electrically exciting the 
>transmission line (or 1/4 wave line) which is a line linking the 
>antipodes usually, but according to the Corums in July at the ITS 
>gathering, it can be any cross sectional line through the earth.  On 
>the anitpodal resonance, Tesla was accurate to a fraction of a hertz on 
>his original estimate!!
>A resonator can be a piece of wire, a coil, a stretch of even high 
>resistance conductor (earth)!  A signal injected into it (via the ground 
>in the case of Tesla's original concept) will reflect and build at or 
>near resonance by standing waves which can be altered by slight changes 
>in the frequency.  Nodes can be set up and power taken at any point.  I 
>am still on the fence about actual implimentation of the concept, but it 
>is intellectually feasible.
>Richard Hull, TCBOR

Is there a difference between having a large inductance and a small
capacitance versus a small inductance and a large capacitance both tuned to
the same frequency?