Re: Toroid

Stephen -

>I want to purchase a machined toroid from Information Unlimited but has
>anyone ever used one of their units before?

I bought the 8-inch and it was OK, heavy enough.  But I've dropped it and
split it at the seam.  It is about a 1/16" to 1/8" thick.

.> I ask this because a leyden jar I purchased from them for 30 some dollars
had the two metal halves, or inside and outside plates seperated by what
seemed to be a plastic peanut butter jar complete with threaded top. When
voltage was appilied the plastic Immediately blew through. 

Too bad about that experience.  I found that most of their stuff is OK, a
little pricey.  Sounds like that was the worst.

>Are they high Q?         

Don't know.  It helped my little coil, BTC-3.  I moved onto bigger coils and
still use the torroid with some egg-shaped hemispheres to up the
capacitance.  Works OK.  I may build a torroid like the messages have
described.  Thanks for the neat info guys!  Makes us amateurs proud to be in
the same company with the Tesla coil giants, Richard Hull and Richard Quick,
and some of the others!

*** Magic Bill ***