Re: "Astro-Coil P1"

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>> QUESTION: since these are meant to filter RF from the source line before
>> going to some devive...do I need to run them backwards since the device
>> (coil) is the source of the RF..or will it still work as intended?
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>Answer:  They will filter either way.  Use as normally connected. RHull


>> I also picked up the following capacitors:
>> 2mfd 10kv  (two of these)
>> 1.6mfd 36Kv (one of these)
>> These appear to be from power line equipment...can they handle pulse use,
>> as in tesla coils?  and what about direct shorting (for use in various cap.
>> discharge projects)?...
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>Most of these PF correction caps are either paper or paper/plastic
>dielectric and can be used for pulse work, though not ideal for the
>purpose.  The caps you have are far too high a value for anykind of Tesla
>work, as is.  RHull

Hi there..and thanks for responding to my post.
(I am aware how little I know, so bear with me..as I am learning :)   )
With those caps. I mentioned...
(the 2mfd. 10kv)
you mentioned that modification would be ness. for any Tesla Coil usage.
would this modification be more than just series-ing enough of these to get
the value down to a reasonable level (and thus increasing the voltage
rating), or is there design differances with these caps. that require
modification (thus not really being worth it for that type of usage)
(Granted..it would take quite a few of these)

Robert DelBueno