Re: Magnifier questions

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> Date: Fri, 16 Aug 96 10:41:20 BST
> From: Julian Green <julian-at-kbss.bt.co.uk>
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> >> Also if the resonant frequency of a magnifier is the lumped tune of both coils then
> >> the voltage rise must be greater in the first coil (in volts per turn) than in
> >> the resonator due to standing wave 1/4 wave.  Current being 90 degrees out of phase
> >> with voltage and current at a maximum means large gradiant in voltage.
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> >Wrong!  The greatest rise always occurs in the resonator. RH.
> Is there any resonant voltage rise present in the secondary of the driver, or does
> it just obey the turns ratio rule?
> >From the test run I did last weekend I still think I should re-wind the secondary
> of the driver coil with thicker wire and fewer turns.  About 100.  Would you say
> that Im in the right track?
> Julian Green


Yes you are on the right track.  If the magnifier is treated as a lumped 
tuned system, yes, there is rise.  If it is a separate driver then the 
turns ratio comes into play.  Either way, the voltage on a properly 
constructed driver will be a small fraction of the system output voltage.

Hopefully, never more than 10 times the AC inout.

Richard Hull, TCBOR