Re: image 1

> begin 644 img-GIFa21014
> M1TE&.#=A-at-`+-at-`?(``````+[_/KZ^OCX`_SX^_S[__S[_O-at-```"P`````-at-`+-at-
> M`0`#_-at-BZW/XPRDFKO3CKS;O_8"B.9&F>:*JN;.N^<"S/=&W?>*[O?.__P*!P
> M2"P:C\BD<LEL.I_0J'1*K5JOV*QVR^UZO^"P>$PNF\_HM'K-;KO?\+A\3J_;
> M[_A\S,`W+/I]"H"!`(."AH6(?']^BX<3A(F,C'Z/#8Z'-at-XN:C8-at-1BI62$I-at-^
> MP#VHE-7#-at-J_$VZV:VK+-at-<\?/G=*VY\[HY,.`G^J_Y8_'EJSHJ[G![_-at-0\SNN
> M[*:^80.8J5N[-at-<W"*513[Z"W:/L>KML$$5^O=A,3LDN7_LYA*G/F/H($\L^-at-

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Usually when you send pictures they just appear in Netscape. This bunch 
is just a bunch of text (uuencode or whatever). How do I display this... 
Why did previous pictures display without intervention on my part... Do 
I need a plug-in, shareware....

Thanks...  ...Jeff

[ NOTE: I'm replying publicly because others may have this problem, and
  it may help them too.

  I believe that the problem may lie in the format of the images.  They
  are gifs.  Gifs are a proprietary format that is owned by compuserve.  
  If you produce software that handles the format, there may be license 
  fees or royalties.  This is probably why netscape doesn't display them.

  I say this because I always send out uuencoded files, and because I 
  have previously sent out jpeg format images, which are a format that 
  has no associated royalties.

  I could send out the images again in uuencoded jpeg format if you wish.

  -- Chip ]