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I have left your message in tact.  It is a good post.  You are 
undoubtedly correct in all your assumptions, save one.  As you note, it 
would be very difficult to ever get long sparks out of a 1Mhz coil!  The 
air load is just too great.  The ones I have made and other systems I 
have seen all look like a natural gas burner on low!  The enery that 
doesn't go into Rf is turned almost 100% into Ozone production! All spark 
goes to loading the air capacitance, again, as you say, but the ion cloud 
probably SHRINKS instead of expands.  Shorter sparks, remember!  The ion 
cloud is actually the supporter of spark.  The high frequency coils are 
better RF emitters than spark emitters.  More of the energy can be 
readily converted in such a high frequency system to RF radiation. 

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Thank you Richard for your reply, but I don't understand the ion cloud part.

I was not aware that there was an ion cloud.  I can understand that there
will be an ion cloud around a discharge terminal for DC, but why is there
one for AC.   A gas molicule will be ionized, only to be de-ionized by the
opposite half for the AC cycle before the molicule has a chance to move away
from the terminal.

Perhaps I have answered my own question here.  As frequency increases the
ion cloud shrinks and becomes more consentrated and is visable as crona.

Again correct me if i'm wrong.

Julian Green


I have looked your article in National Geographic up, nice to have a face
to a name.   Who are the other guys in the picture?