Re: Test results

Hello all:

>> I too have been researching the Tesla theories for a number of years
>> and continue experimenting with various Tesla coils.
>> I would be glad to send copies of the transient and spectrum analysis
>> recorded concerning linear attenuation.

Sorry for the delay getting this info to all of you. I had a small problem
with some very high level voltage. Mother Nature. :)  All,s well that ends
well however. The new modem seems to work very well.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I am pleased to send copies of the
transient and spectrum analysis which was recorded during some of our
tests. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

There has been some speculation during various power transmission tests
conducted by some of you, whether transmitted power loss was inversely
proportional to the distance received, or if instead the loss was linear.

We are beginning a high voltage phase of testing, using some of Tesla,s
techniques, to transmitt and receive ELF frequencies through the earth.
During the low voltage tests using a non Tesla apparatus, we observed that
apparently the received signal was being attenuated linearly.

The distance between our transmit and receive antenna array is 1.5 miles.
By using an array of copper ground rods spaced 1000 ft. from another, we
were able to obtain a dc resistance of 50 ohms between the two.
Then we injected a 7hz sine wave into the earth at various signal levels.

At the receive site, (1.5 mi distant) we recovered the transmitted signal
after using standard low pass filters. After amplification the signal
was recorded and analyzed.

All input signals were transmitted from the signal source at 7 hz into
a 50 ohm resistance.

    Gif -1 & 2 Recorded on spectrum analyzer using rectangular window
    Gif -1     5 Volt Peak to Peak transmitted    1.003 Volt Peak received
    Gif -2     2.5 Volt Peak to Peak transmitted  .549 Volt Peak received

    Gif T-0, T-1, T-2, recorded with transient analyzer, sample 
    time .04/sec 
    Gif T-0     No signal received..electrical storm 350 mi NW.
    Gif T-1     20 Volts Peak to Peak transmitted     5 Volts Peak received
    Gif T-2     10 Volts Peak to Peak transmitted     2.5 Volts Peak received

I was quite surprised at the small amount of power needed to travel this
distance. It is going to be quite interesting to observe the high voltage
tests generated by a Tesla coil. I will keep you posted on the results
of the linear versus inverse square attenuation.

Thanks Chip for allowing this long post. You may wish to format the gifs
differently to suit your needs on the list.

[NOTE: The images will come tonight.  I'll send them out as uuencoded files. 
 Also note that the images may not be in order -- Chip ]

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