Power Test

Hello All:

	I've run several power tests on my system since my last post and things
are slowly starting to come together.  I don't believe my last post
actually ever went out--hope I'm not repeating anything!  I found that I
had not even come close on matching primary to secondary resonance.  I
had checked my secondary prior to covering the 6" diameter duct on the
48" dia. toroid with the aluminum tape plus laying in about 3 areas with
many strands of fine copper wire from the duct to the center sheet. 
Well, my first secondary resonance was at 140 Khz (before covering with
tape)and now it's repeatedly showing 102 Khz with two different signal
generators.  I set the primary at 102 Khz and I'm getting some
reasonable sparks in the 5-6' range into free air.  Now tomorrow I hope
to be able to start fine tuning.  Everything stopped tonight when a fuse
in the control circuit blew!  I don't know why it blew yet, but there
wasn't any smoke!  I will dig into that when I have some more light!  I
saw a reading of 16 amps tonight as a pretty steady reading and the
system was running for about 4-5 minutes prior to popping the fuse. 
Sparks were coming out from all around the circumference of the
toroid--That's all for now.

Chuck Curran