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> Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 17:38:41 -0500 (CDT)
> From: Ken Cravens <kcravens-at-sound-dot-net>
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> Subject: Neons
> Hey Fellow coilers,
> Here's an easy one...I'm parallel'n some neon xformers that are all the same
> model (Jeffersons) and though they are physically identical, some are out of
> phase with the others and I have to cross-wire the odd ones. In other words,
> instead of terminal A to A to A and B to B to B,  its ABA and BAB (wish I
> knew ascii art) So... on the "one" tranny that is different, do i also cross
> over the secondaries? Or do they only have to be "in phase" on the primary
> side? I never learned the electrical "basics", so any and all info on
> transformers hows and whys will be avidly devoured. :o) Thanks in advance!
>                            Ken "electronics 101" Cravens
> [ You should have all the high voltage ends in phase, so that there
>   is a straight wire along both sides.  This avoids crossing over
>   transformers and looks tidier.  All you have to do is cross the inputs.
>   -- Chip ]


Again, Chip remembers an earlier post of mine.  Align all high voltage 
leads and knobs so they are "purdy" and straight!  Cross over and rat's 
nest accordingly, to bring all in phase, all low voltage primary leads.
Do this transformer by transformer (see my earlier post) never with an 
entire line!

It appears that every day is a new day in the Neon sign Xfrmer business 
and the primary/secondary phasing is never done the same way twice in the 
same model.

Finally, it is always only necessary to change only one side of any 
trnasformer to bring it in phase.  Always fart around with the low 
voltage side only!!