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> Hello all,
> Man or Astro-man? has returned from it's west coast tour,
>  and the "Astro-Coil P1" has made it back to the lab in one piece!
> The coil topped of the show over 20 nights in a row, with only a few exceptions.
> Output/performance was reliable, with only a few problems.
> 1.Lifting the unit in/out of the trailer while in case. (Ugg)
> 2.RF interferance problems as suspected
>      a.noticeable noise in most PA systems
>          - One damaged mixing board, although it was evidently giving
>           the club problems for week, perhaps RF pushed over it the
>            edge, perhaps not.
>      b.signif. amounts of interferance with club lighting controller
>          - I assume the stray RF was causing the scr's in the controller
>            boards to activate the lights...even with all faders off.
>          - 12 channels of lights on one controller unit evedently damaged,
>            but here again, club love to blame anything for failure of their
>            equipment.
> Other than that...all went great!  Actually, the two damaged pieces of
> equipment happend on the last two nights of the tour, one in Atlanta, and
> one in Athens GA.
> I purchased some additional RF filters while at APEX in Los Angeles...I
> picked up 6 units that each handle 40amps (these unit are quite sizeable),
> and 2 that handle 60amps (even bigger!)
> *******
> QUESTION: since these are meant to filter RF from the source line before
> going to some devive...do I need to run them backwards since the device
> (coil) is the source of the RF..or will it still work as intended?
> *******

Answer:  They will filter either way.  Use as normally connected. RHull
> I also picked up the following capacitors:
> 2mfd 10kv  (two of these)
> 1.6mfd 36Kv (one of these)
> These appear to be from power line equipment...can they handle pulse use,
> as in tesla coils?  and what about direct shorting (for use in various cap.
> discharge projects)?...
> #######
Most of these PF correction caps are either paper or paper/plastic 
dielectric and can be used for pulse work, though not ideal for the 
purpose.  The caps you have are far too high a value for anykind of Tesla 
work, as is.  RHull

> Ok... well the coil will be going up the east coast..leaving on sept.4
> if interested in seeing when/where it will be..you can find the tour dates
> for Man or Astro-man? at http://www.astroman-dot-com   go to the SHOWS section.
> And if you can attend, just let me know..I can get you on the guest list
> (free entry), and would love to meet fellow coil builders.
> .over
> Robert DelBBueno


Congrats on the successful tour.  The caps mkight be better for exploding 
wire experiments.  They would have to be heavily modified to use with a 
Tesla coil.

Richard Hull, TCBOR