Re: Tesla coil specs.

>I wound a coil of the same resonant frequency as the coil mentioned in my last

>post (see below) with #10 wire for the express purpose of testing for wire 
>size.  This represents a tremendous increase in copper and surface area.  
>Performance was NO BETTER!


That definitely gives me something to think about on the coil I'm designing
(my first in 17 or 18  years).  Thanks for the reply.

Charles Brush

p.s. I just discovered a _huge_ sign company/warehouse only four avenues away
on my street in NY...talk about conveniance!  Picked up a Jefferson 15kV 60mA 
for fun small scale stuff in my apt (the apartment is way to small for a
Tesla coil.  That'll be out at my folks place in the country this summer).
Seeing these big old signs lying around with _banks_ of big HV outdoor
transformers in them....what can I say, it was a beautiful sight.