Re: More scopes

At 06:47 PM 4/2/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Richard Hull (or whoever),
>I have a quick question about scopes for use in Tesla labs.  I just read 
>the manual for the Tek 556 scope that I bought this weekend and found out 
>that it has tubes AND transistors AND semiconductor diodes, and I was 
>wondering how good this really would be for my lab?
>If it really isn't all that good for Tesla coil work, what would be the 
>characterstics to look for in a scope - something without any 
>semiconductors at all?  Also, if the 556 isn't the best, what models of 
>Tek scopes would be better?

I've blown triacs and transistors in a lab almost twenty feet away from
a coil running only two hundred watts input.

Tek's are built like tanks, but I'd be worried about using one one with 
transistors in my lab, especially since some of the older parts are 
hard/impossible to find.