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>I've been lurking a while learning about Telsa coils but unfortunately I had
>already finished my secondary when I actually learned what I should be
>doing. I had slighly more entusiasm than brains and so I wrapped the coil
>around a 4' long cardboard tube with 8.5" diameter. I did not paint it with
>any kind of finish to make it more of an insulator. I also made a rather
>larger mistake in using (and this is the kicker!) #34 wire. So now I have a
>4' long 7000 wind inductor and I was wondering if there is any way to make a
>working tesla coil out of this or do I just have a big piece of junk. Any
>suggestions would be grealy appreciated.
>Scott White

I figured your coil to be over 1 henry!  (1.64 henry)
Assuming secondary capactitance of 25pf (assuming!) your resonant frequency
would be around 24-25khz. I would not go below 80khz for myself.

The 8.5" diameter form sounds great.
I believe a thicker wire guage (20-22) and also a shorter length/diameter
ratio like 3:1 (25.5/8.5) should give below or aroung 1000 turns wound
for 25.5" and should give you between 100-200khz (assuming 25pf capacitance) 
sytem resonant frequency. Also I think the thicker wire could handle more

Also, it is a good idea to seal up the cardboard tube before winding.
If you can, get the below file by Richard Quick. I found it very


I am no expert here but I hope I have helped. :)

Later.............Bob Schumann
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