Re: Secondary wiring broke

>Quoting alan.jones-at-kaboodle-dot-com (Alan Jones)
>> I was winding a 6-5/8" o.d. form and the wiring snagged on the
>> spool and broke. I had my hand on the form so luckily I didn't
>> end up with a rat's nest of wire.... I soldered the wire back 
>> together, and hammered it some and filed it some and it 
>> actually looks fairly decent. After laying it back on the
>> form it is hard to tell where it was pieced back together. 
>> Except for the shiny bare wire of course. My question is, 
>> should I finish winding out to the end with this repaired wire
>> or just saw the form off a little above the break and end it 
>> here? I was thinking that the spark might want to break out at
>> the repair since that will be the weak spot in the wiring.
>Quoting Richard Quick:
>Apply a dollup of epoxy to insulate the splice, and wind it up.
>Once wound you can smooth a little sealer over the patch if it
>leaks corona excessively.

Annother suggestion: Place the end of the coil nearest the break closer to
the toroid than the grounded end of the coil.  Current flow is highest at
the grounded end of the coil.  If there is some resistive loss in the
splice, it will affect coil performance less at the top end. (Should be
Mark S. Rzeszotarski, Ph.D.