Loud Buzzing Noise

Ever since I built my current coil, I have noticed that there is a loud
buzzing sound that seems to be coming from my toroid.  When I made my
toroid(corrugated drain pipe and aluminum tape), after bending the
drain pipe into a toroid and covering it with electrical tape, I
completely covered it with aluminum tape.  I then friction fit a piece
of syrofoam into the center and added more tape from the top to the
styrofoam and from the bottom to the styrofoam.  This created two
evenly sloped depressions on either side.  It was my impression that
there was a skin effect on the toroid, but I was wondering if there is
any chance that the aluminum tape on the inside of the toroid(not
touching the inside of the depressions) could be sparking to the inside
edge of the depressions.  This doesn't sound right to me, but that
buzzing noise really bothers me.  If any clarifications are needed
please ask.  Any ideas would be welcomed.

Matt Ptak
Matt Ptak

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