Following my daylight running of my new coil a few weeks ago, I
returned home and managed to get some serious work done. I have
now tuned out at 21 turns primary with my 0.004 ufd mica cap and
opened up the gaps (4 series 1" brass rod) so that they fire at
about 18Kv. Max voltage applied to tank circuit is now 20Kv,
which is my cap's rating (danger danger!). I watered my ground
with salty water in the morning and powered up that night. 
  From 1' discharges in the daylight last time, I am now getting
FOUR feet streamers, circulating round the toroid. This was on a
night with a small breeze. I am chuffed to bits at this, I was
not really expecting more than 2' max. I have also experimented
with an air quenched gap which did seem to improve the discharge
especially at lower power levels. I need a receiver for the
compressor though, as its only giving me pulses of air at the
moment. I am only quenching one gap at the moment.
  I have taken some photos which I will get digitised soon
hopefully and post to the group. I am looking forward to my CP
cap arriving, and I think that it will "outgrow" my current
transformer and force me into pole pig turf:). I'd like to echo
jim fosse's thanks to the group and all the help that I have
received in my own humble efforts.


Steve Crawshaw

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