Re: Capacitor dielectric

>>From ed-at-alumni.caltech.edu Sat Apr  6 10:13 MST 1996

>	Have you tried pumping the capacitors down and then
>pouring in the oil?  Probably from a jug which is also connected
>to the capacitor and evacuated first.  That is the general
>procedure for vacuum impregnating transformers, and seems to
>work well.  Not sure about the water aspirator, though, because
>there will be water vapor in the system.
>Ed Phillips
>[ This is the technique that I used and my cap is still working after 15kV 
>  -- Chip ]
It may actually work better than a real vacuum pump. I use an
industrial vacuum pump, when I open up the oil valve, the oil boils,
introducing more gas bubbles.

I don't have a way of regulating the vacuum yet. The lighter fractions
of the oil appear to boil off.