Re: Secondary wiring broke

>Date:          Mon, 8 Apr 1996 13:38:20 +0700
>From:          tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com
>Subject:       Secondary wiring broke

>>From alan.jones-at-kaboodle-dot-com Mon Apr  8 01:12 MDT 1996

(You wrote)
>I was winding a 6-5/8" o.d. form and the wiring snagged on the spool
>and broke. I had my hand on the form so luckily I didn't end up with a
>rat's nest of wire. The form now has 18-7/8" of wire on the form but I
>was winding for 26-1/2". 

>I soldered the wire back together, and hammered it some and filed it
>some and it actually looks fairly decent. After laying it back on the
>form it is hard to tell where it was pieced back together. Except for
>the shiny bare wire of course. My question is, should I finish winding
>out to the end with this repaired wire or just saw the form off a
>little above the break and end it here? I was thinking that the spark
>might want to break out at the repair since that will be the weak spot
>in the wiring.


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If you are planning to use a nice large diameter torroid as a top 
load to 'shield' the upper zone of the secondary windings 
electrostatically, my advice is to put some heatshrink tubing, just a 
single layer of a size that doesn't have to shrink too much to 
conform to the wire O.D., over your splice just to cover it where it is bare,
then continue to wind the other 10 inches of coil length.  When installing this
coil,  put this splice closer to your torroid output terminal than your primary.
I think the torroid shielding effect will prevent arcs from occuring at your splice.
If your splice was put closer to your primary, I think overcoupling
(during initial testing, or by accident of  best performance tuning 
point, could encourage arc-over from the splice to the primary).  I 
have found the E-field very concentrated in this bottom area on high 
performance coils when you are trying to push the K factor high for 
power throughput.

Happy coiling! rwstephens