Re: Tesla coil specs.

Hi Richard,

>Our current
>magnifier uses a 1 foot tall, 4" diameter resonator and tight wound 30 
>wire.  It blasts out up to 9.5 feet of arc (straight line) at 6KW input. 
>gets real hot but works great!  Always go for inductance.  The art is in
>making it compact and having it survive!
>     Richard Hull, TCBOR

Just a quick question.  Given your present knowledge gleaned from extensive
experimentation, don't you think you could build a 2-coil system that would
9.5 feet for 6KW input?  Also, I'd be real interested to know if you ever
fire at
higher powers outside your lab.  C'mon, I want fish stories!


Did you ever put my big coil photos (the coil on the trailer) into one of
videos?  I know you asked if you could a while back and I don't think I ever 

answered.  Sorry, be my guest.