Re: 10KVA FET coil

Hi Alan,

The barrel is 2 feet in diameter and wound 3 feet.  The primary was very close 
coupled with the secondary sitting inside it, so I guess the top turn of the 
primary was 10 inches above the bottom turn of the secondary.  Don't forget, 
we are using what is termed untuned "link" coupling.  This means we rely on 
the close coupling to couple the high Q resonance characteristics back into 
the driver.  At resonance the load looks resistive.  Above and below 
resonance, the load looks inductive or capacitive respectively.  Current 
leads/lags voltage, you get the idea.  So, properly drive at resonance and 
your coil looks like a dummy load and should give the driver no problems.



>Mark our gallons are different sizes, but I visualise a drum 18" diameter,
>3 feet high close wound with 22awg (I'll avoid teflon coating -
>I have enough problems getting to grips with this!). Is this right, and
>how high was the primary?