Re: Tesla coil specs.


It would be real tough to pump out a solid 9.5 feet of spark with 6 KW in a 
two coil system.   I would say that maybe Richard Quick and Ed Wngate may 
have done this already.  I think it could probably be done by any true 
expert in the art, but certainly not as easily as with a magnifier.  There 
is just better power transfer in the magnifier.  Regardless, in a two coil 
system, this would be a feat reserved for the most synergistic of systems 
and capable of hands.

I will make one definitive statement, and that is that no one will ever make 
a "two coil system" with a 1 foot long resonator which will put out 9.5 
times the winding length in spark, at any power level !!!

Your pics went in our report tape #46 segment #3 (still photo section)

Sorry, no fish stories.  I have never fired a coil out of doors.  I have 
seen them fired that way though and they perform poorly due to the slightest 
breeze destroying the ionized shell of air we need to support long sparks.

Bill Wysock is the master of the this art.  It consumes a lot of extra power 
trying to "bullhead" its way through moving air.  Richard Quick has also 
operated well outside.  I am sure he will second the statement about the 
deleterious effects of moving air (wind) on spark length.

Richard Hull, TCBOR
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Subject: Re: Tesla coil specs.
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