Re: TCBOR Magnifier 11-E Specs


Gee Whiz!  I haven't measured the open primary Q.  It would be a real bear 
to dismount the secondary from the wall that the driver system is hanging on 
inorder to make that measurement!!!!!!!  If we ever dismount the secondary I 
will make the measurement and report back to you.

I think I failed to answer an earlier question.  Yes, we have the top turn 
of our primary permanently connected to the tank caps and tap down on the 
primary for tune.  In this manner, we can insulate the heck outta' those top 
turns which precariously face huge rise voltages by proximity to the upper 
part of the all too nearby driver secondary.  The lower part of the 
secondary has much lower voltages and the bare copper tubing is more 
amenable to this area than higher up on the coil.  Note*  We still wrap the 
entire secondary in multiple layers of polyethelene sheet.
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Subject: Re: TCBOR Magnifier 11-E Specs
Date: Monday, April 08, 1996 1:37PM