Re: Gluing Plastics


Excellent advice!  I believe I recently heard of an explosion of a TCBOR 
type cap in Oklahoma from just such a solvent explosion.  The capacitor  was 
not shorted, but the glued on end cap dented a building's metal roof. 
 luckily, no one was injured.

Richard Hull, TCBOR
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Subject: Re: Gluing Plastics
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Hi All,

On the subject of gluing plastics;  I just want to remind those
that are beginning to experiment with plastics to not use a solvent
based glue to adhere the end caps on a secondary.  The problem
comes in that you end up trapping fumes inside the tube.  It is a
potentially explosive situation.  Use epoxy to glue the caps on the
secondary's ends.  It is OK to use solvent based glues everywhere

Scott Myers