Re: Gluing Plastics


A thousand pardons,  I saw Leaxn but read Acrylic!!  Stupid and dumb of me. 
 Methylene chloride is not the stuff to use.   I hope you didn't buy a 
gallon!  Mea culpa....Mea culpa.  The heat I get for this Faux pas from you 
guys can't begin to compare to that from Kim Goins, our group's resident, 
practising, female physicist and plastics freak.  She was all over me like a 
cheap suit on this one.  Kim is as much of a plastics expert as she is a 
first rate phyicist.  I won't repeat the tongue lashin' I got from her on 
this one.  Again, I apologize.

Richad Hull, TCBOR (plastics dumby)
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Subject: Re: Gluing Plastics
Date: Monday, April 15, 1996 8:01PM

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Subject:       Re: Gluing Plastics

Hi all,
       Thanks for the info you all sent on gluing PC. I had also
heard that methylene chloride was the one but on trying a bottle I was
given supposedly with that stuff in, it ran off the plastic like
water. I'll try another source. It DID work on acrylic OK. The most
common solvent used on acrylic (chloroform) failed to touch the

Regards all,