Re: Pole-pig questions

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> T&R said 200-300 lbs, so I wanted 
>to keep it as light as possible too.  My 10 KVA turned out to 
>be easy for my brother and I to move around -- how was that 
>15 KVA?  Do you need a hernia operation now??  I figure on 
>putting my pig on a small tray of sorts with casters so I can 
>move it around after I get ready to start testing things.  
>Just want to save my back.  


   Mine was 350lbs! As far as moving goes, I am a paraplegic (paralyzed from
waist down from car accident 19 yrs ago), moving that XFMR, along with many
others, and an occasional VAX or DEC mainframe or 2 (great cabinets), always
proves to be my own little Stonehenge!! I can really relate to those guys
that moved pyrimids(sp?). Just another engineering challenge!

      Kevin M. Conkey