RF ground

Well, this weekend I finally finished my new ground system.

I drove three eight foot copper clad steel ground rods in a triangular shape
with eight foot sides.  Then I dug a trench down about 1.5 feet to
interconnect all three rods (24 feet in length).  This was in very compacted
rocky soil, took several hours and my back still hurts.  Then I used a roll
of 8" wide galvanized steel roof flashing and cut the roll in half
lengthwise.  I bolted the ends toghther and soldered them.  Then I fashioned
it around the three rods down in the trench.  I drilled two holes through the
flashing at each ground rod and after liberally applying flux, bolted them
tight.  Then I soldered the flashing to the rods and bolted and soldered the
loose ends together.  I used an 8" wide piece of flashing and bolted and
soldered it so as to come up right where I will run the coil.  I covered the
flashing with dirt then poured in about 100 lbs of salt over the top then
buried the whole thing.  It is raining now and should be working the salt
into place.  The total length of the ground strap connecting to the coil
should be about 4 or 5 feet at most.

I am eager to fire the coil up and see if this improves my performance at

Ed Sonderman