Re: TCBOR Magnifier 11-E Specs

Your comments about the lack of markets for spark gaps isn't quite correct.  A 
number of companies world wide have been manufacturing spark gaps continuously 
for many years.  The major American manufacturers are Josyln, C.P. Clare, EG&G, 
and MPD. The main market for these has been in surge protection equipment. 

In addition to spark gaps, there are interrupters and switches manufactured by 
Seimens, Cooper Industries, and others.  These devices are used in Utility 
Switch Gear.

The Thyratron is another type of high speed long life switch that has been 
produced for years by Litton Industries, ITT, and EG&G.  I have never heard of 
anyone using a Thyratron in a Tesla Coil, but it certainly seems feasible.

A number of years ago, I used a high voltage Ignitron in a research project.  
The device was rated at 50 kV and was capable of handling many kA.  One nice 
thing about the Ignitron was it's virtual indistructability.  It could be 
completly renewed by simply cooling the reservior and heating the anode.  This 
device was manufactured by EEV, a British company, but other manufacturers 
included Westinghouse, and GE.  Does anyone use Ignitrons today?