Re: 7 kv -at- 1 amp[ transformer

 I>I have done quite a bit with 6000 VAC.  The first problem you will
 I>into is getting the gap(s) to fire reliably.  It seems that the gaps
 I>build up oxidation and there is enough resistance to cause grief. 
As soon
 I>as I would get the gap opened enough for good quenching, the
 I>went down the drain.  I solved this problem by going to a 5 gap
 I>system closely spaced (I can't recall the spacing).  This gave good
 I>performance and reliable gap firing.  However, this was with a neon
 I>supply and static gaps.  If your intention is to use a rotary, you
 I>be able to alleviate this problem without going to a vacuum gap in
 I>although I recommend them highly.

 I>Scott Myers

When you say vacuum gap, what exactly do you mean.  Is this a gap in an
air tight container with all the air sucked out or is this some type of
cooling technique.  I was under the impression that sparks create
x-rays when created in the presence of a vacuum.  If this is what it
is, what type of shielding do you use?  At one time I was thinking
about implimenting a gap surrounded by a vacuum, but abandoned it as
too dangerous.  Thanks alot.

Matt Ptak
Matt Ptak

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