RE: Spheres vs Toriods

Any comments on the Wardenclyffe Transmitter electrode? It seems to be
something between spherical to toroidal to almost egg shaped. There also is
what appears to be horizontal rows of points defining the cone shaped upper
portion. Wires also appear to interconnect the electrode points defining the
surface in general. Could this be some of the refinements over the actual
Magnifier patent (1,119,732) that Tesla talks about (Nikola Tesla on His
Work With Alternating Currents by Leland Anderson, pp. 145 - 146)?

Dennis C. Lee

At 09:32 AM 4/4/96 +0700, you wrote:

>The sphere is obviously the better terminal for voltage buildup, but it
>offers zero electrostatic shielding or shanding of the top of the tesla
>coils resonator.  It is not stackable or attachable to a lot of systems
>without boring holes in it.  As you say, it is the most expensive form of
>terminal to spin and weld to perfection.  All of these points add up to the 

>sphere actually being the worst terminal for a Tesla coil.   The fact that
>the sphere or some form of oblate is both theoretically and in actuality 
>ideal terminal for voltage standoff, doesn't mean beans if the coil hasn't
>the proper shielding and field shaping to survive the rise of voltage that
>the terminal can actually store.
>The tesla coil is a form of pulse charged electrostatic generator or charge 

>pump when very large terminal capacities are used.  This capacitance seems
>to be best developed in Toroidial termnals provided large cross sectional
>diameters are used.  The superb field shaping action and stackability of 
>toroid shape makes it the number one choice for Tesla coils.
>Richard Hull, TCBOR