Re: Tesla coil specs.


This was some time ago, but I know which transformer was used.  It was 14,400v / 
10KVA pole pig.  We were running between 10-15KVA off of 240V/100A residential 
mains.  Interestingly enough, we were using Maxwell Labs MYLAR (yuk) capacitors.  
We picked up about 20 units rated at 0.22uf/50KVDC for $5ea obviously out of a Marx 
bank.  This was quite a find.  They get quite warm (even hot) during extended 
operation, but we have never blown one out!  We usually used 2 in series for 

>Ding,(just chiming in!),
>I'd be very interested in knowing what the input power to Mark's 
>system was when it created 18 foot streamers.  That 22 Ga. coil had a relatively
>long aspect ratio giving a long air path from end to end, and the wire used had
>considerably more insulation than usually employed.
>Both these factors should  allow for considerable input power without self-
>destruction from breakdown.  Mark is being modest, 18 foot streamers 
>are SOMETHING to be proud of, even if you did use a nuke to make 
>them.  C'mon Mark, inquiring minds want to know!
>Happy coiling! rwstephens