Re: High frequency impedance of a neon sign transformer

Freq.              Secondary Impedance

	    15K,60m 12K,60m	15K,60m		7.2K,1.4A
	     Ed's   	Malcolm's	Jim's Neon	Pig
------------       -------	---------------	-----------------
	            |	                   |
	            V	                   V
60Hz				150,000		26,000

100Hz              1.2Mohm        		260,000		44,000

1kHz               600kohm        		~2.2meg		1.4meg

10kHz              35kohm      >50K   	220,000		1meg

100kHz             4.2kohm     29.8K	24,000		80,000

200kHz				12,000		45,000

300kHz             1.8kohm    11.5k       	8,000		29,000

Self resonance			3.35Khz		
note: my neon secondary measurements were from one HV terminal to case
ground, at least at 60 and 100Hz the full secondary values were 4
times the half secondary values.  

The pig was my "new" Westinghouse 10+ LL-65. a single bushing 10KVA
7.2KV? distribution transformer.  I included the pig numbers for

I used a 1 volt peak voltage applied across a series combination of a
carbon comp pot and the secondary under test. The function generator
was adjusted for 1 Volt, the pot was adjusted for 1/2 volt across the
secondary. The pot was then disconnected and measured with my Simpson
260 multimeter.

I also find it very curious that we are getting such different