Re: Magnetic Spark Gap...

Hi all,
        Richard Quick writes....

> I used the existing frame of my old single air-blast gap (minus
> air) with two poly insulatated rare-earth permanent magnets
> mounted in between. The magnets were strong enough to remain
> suspended across the gap when carefully positioned on synthetic
> line (plastic string, cord, etc.). This gap demonstrated the
> ability of a mag field to quench, but also illuminated a number
> of design difficulties.
   Would you be able to describe the gap more exactly please (perhaps
with the aid of a diagram (yeah I know ASCII art's a dog but better
than nix)? Also, an elaboration of the difficulties you encountered
would be highly valuable. I have constructed a dual gap of sorts, but
would like to save much valuable time mucking around in the wrong 
directions (not ready for operation yet).