Re:Above & Beyond

I would like to tell the group about 2 people that have gone out of there way
and proved to me that there are truly nice people out there in our greedy
world and that they should be commended once in a while for their actions!


>From:	mmccarty-at-dnaco-dot-net
>To:	DELCOKEVIN-at-aol-dot-com
>> >> >I can get you a 90:5 for $5 plus shipping. If you run two turns of
>> >> >through the primary you can reduce the ratio to 45:5, although I'm not
>> >> >sure what this does to accuracy. I've been meaning to test these CTs
>> >> >way but haven't found the time.  If you want new CTs I can dig up the
>> >> >the name of a company I've ordered from at work.  You could pick the
>> ratio
>> >> >best suited to your application for around $30 I believe.
>> >> >
>> >> >-Mike McCarty
>> >> 
>> >> Sounds good! How about your address?
>> >> 
>> >>    Kevin M. Conkey

>I shipped it yesterday afternoon (Friday) via UPS.  The shipping charges
>to $5, sorry about that.  I figured UPS would only be a couple bucks and it
>a heck of a lot closer than the post office.  After waiting in line for
>minutes and having them print me a label and everything I found out it would
>be five bucks and for all the trouble I had already gone through I just let
>You should get it Monday at the latest.  The total is $10 which you can send

>to the address above.  

>-Mike McCarty

By the way Mike, I finally sent you $15 for your efforts this morning.

In a message dated 96-04-22 10:51:44 EDT, you write:

>>Subject: Re:small VARIAC
>>I am wondering if anyone out there has a small variac (120VAC15-20A) for
>>            Kevin M. Conkey
>I've got one that can be run for short periods at 20 amps that I'll _give_
>you, if you'll do the shipping thing.

Maybe I will be able to do the same for someone someday.

Thankyou guys,

Kevin M. Conkey

I am not forgetting about what Scotty has done for me and the group.
Commending his efforts would bog down the entire internet for at least a