Re:Teslathon 96?


Are there any more of you guys in this group(chips list) besides Richard
I just recieved a list of the video's that they offer. I have a couple of
questions that I hope are considered ok for this group.
I was wondering when the next Teslathon was?

How on earth is it possible to shrink a quarter to the size of a dime using
our Tesla equiptment? (no I did not get this from the Boogie Nation!)
Can you briefly describe the wire exploding and water arc experiments?

And finally, for safety's sake for newcomers and those of us who just don't
know, how are xrays emitted from a light bulb.

I know these questions are not strictly about tesla coil building, but they
do apparently use our equiptment and I feel that they would not be answered
by USA-TESLA even if I were still suscribed. And at this point in time I
could not possibly afford all of their tapes that seem to interest me,
perhaps the price could be dropped drastically to maybe $10/tape.


Kevin M. Conkey