Re: Emergency! Cap!

>>From JParisse-at-DDLabs-dot-comWed Apr 24 20:32:05 1996
>Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 12:45:30 -0700
>From: "Jeff W. Parisse" <JParisse-at-DDLabs-dot-com>
>To: tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com
>Subject: Emergency! Cap!


>I just got a call to demo a coil capable of three footers to a major 
>motion picture studio/director and I'm not ready.  I need to get my 
>hands on commerical grade tesla capacitors right away!

>Two .025uf Condenser Products would be great. PLEASE, if anybody has the 
>number to CP (Scott?) or if you want to sell me yours CALL me at 

>You choke winders out there... sell me your Arnold wound chokes!

>Hurry... Please... Yes, I'm begging...   ...Jeff 1-800-796-1138


I can really relate to your perdicament, but I can't help you exactly 
as requested.  I have a comment.  A capacitor size of 0.05 mfd is 
rather large to fulfill merely a three foot streamer requirement.  
I've just posted jpeg pictures with the generous help of Jim Fosse on his 
ftp.bdt-dot-com/home/jim.fosse as xxxxxrws.jpg files.  Check out 
ltc04rws.jpg  Here I blast an 18 footer from a 0.05 mfd cap charged 
from a 16 KV pole transformer.  While you're there check out my 
stc01rws.jpg  This is a 60 MA, 15000 volt neon powered coil that 
consistently punches 40 to 52 inch streamers depending on humidity.
The capacitor is only 0.008 mfd!, a bank of 30 pieces of 0.002 mfd, 
12400 volt peak, mica's in 3 parallel groups in series for a peak 
voltage rating of 37,120 volts or so.

If you can't find the big commercial caps you initially looked for, don't 
overlook mica transmitting caps that you might find locally in 
surplus stores.  In fact a case of 12 beer bottles filled with salt 
water in a salt water bath all sitting inside a plastic tub with an 
interlinking wire dipping into all the bottles as one terminal, and a 
chunk of wire immersed in the tub as the other terminal would also
work in a pinch.  This is in fact exactly the type of capacitors that Nikola 
Tesla himself used at Colorado Springs, and look how famous these 
made him! If this setup doesn't look professional enough, hide the 
array inside an outer housing with impresssive technical markings.  

I'd be happy to share some of my secrets if it will help you out.  I 
know this is an important 'gig' for you!  I'm in Ontario, Canada, and 
that's probably too far from you to send anything fast enough that 
will really help except maybe technical tips. 

Hope this helps.

Happy coiling!, rwstephens