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Quoting Rodney Davies <rodney-at-johnxt7.anu.edu.au>:

 RD> Does anyone actually know what colour PCB's are?

The color varies with the chlorine content of the particular
compound, ranging from clear to yellow. Clean PCB oils typically
have the same color as light lubricating oil, but PCBs are more
viscous. Dirty stuff looks like used motor oil. Commercial PCBs
are mixtures, over time the lighter components evaporate, leaving
a sticky residue of heavier PCB molecules.

 RD> Tesla, as far as I know, used PCB's alot...??? is that for   
 RD> sure?

Highly doubtful. I have no record that Tesla worked with large
quantities of chlorine gas required for synthesis. Commercial PCB
mixtures were not available until the 1930s.

BTW, my Merck index shows an LD50 in weanling rats as 1295 mg/kg
or greater. Serious contaminations have been as a result of

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