Still more debugging...

Well, I went home for lunch and fiddled with the new coil a bit.  Even
with the newly configured (read working) transformer bank, I still couldn't
get the spark to break out of the toroid.   I definitely found a tune
point, but the sparks wouldn't jump forth.  Next I put on a 12x3 toroid.
The sparks from this one were significantly better than the 3" coil.  I now
know that the coil will work.  I put the 23x7 toroid back on and tested
the length of spark that I could get.  I got 14" between the toroid and 
a grounded rod.  

So the question now is why isn't the spark jumping forth?  Perhaps I should
make a slightly smaller toroid.  Before that though, I should try different
spark gap arrangements.  Any comments or suggestions?